Youth and speed will never beat age and treachery.

A young rooster walks out onto the barnyard for the first time, having just been bought by the farmer. He sees lots of chickens, but only one other rooster, who is much older.

He walks up to the old rooster to tell him to get lost so he can have all the chickens for himself.

The old rooster says to him, “I know the farmer bought you to replace me, but give me one chance to prove my worth. We’ll race around the barn for ten laps. If I win, you leave, but if you win, I’ll leave. To make it fair, I just want a 50 foot head start.”

The young rooster knows he’s in way better shape, and that even a 50 foot head start won’t help the old rooster, so he agrees. The race begins and after one lap the young rooster has started closing in on the old rooster, he’s only 30 feet behind. After two laps he’s 15 feet behind. After three laps he’s one foot behind when BLAM!! Suddenly there’s nothing left of the young rooster but a big bloodstain on the barn wall. Standing across the barnyard is the farmer, holding a smoking shotgun.

“Damn,” he says to himself, “that’s the third gay rooster I’ve bought this month.”

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