On a train

A nun, a young woman, a German and a French sit together in a train compartment, each one minding his own business, when suddenly the train enters a large tunnel. Unfortunately the lights are not working and it is pitch dark. While in the dark, a loud slap can be heard and when the train finally leaves the tunnel, the French is rubbing his cheek in anger.

The nun thinks: “Well of course, the French tried to touch the young woman. And the poor girl had to defend herself slapping him.”The young woman thinks: “The French must have tried to touch me, but the nun probably saw it and hit him before he could reach me. Thank God.”The French thinks: “That was probably the nun slapping me for thinking that I would touch the young girl, when really it was the German trying to make a move”.While the German is thinking: “That went splendid. Next tunnel, I am going to hit the French bastard again.”

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