Little Johnny

Little Johnny was on the bus headed to school one day and sitting by his best lady friend, Janey. Being curious children, Janey couldn’t handle her curiosity any more and finally asked Johnny, “Johnny, what’s a penis?”

Johnny, being young and just as innocent, replied, “I don’t know Janey. I’ll ask my dad when I get home today.” So later that day after school, Johnny went to his dad and asked him. “Dad, what’s a penis”, he said.

His dad laughed a little bit and didn’t really know what to do. Finally his dad said, “You know what Johnny, I could tell you, but instead, I’ll show you.”

So his dad took him to the bathroom, pulled down his pants, and revealed himself to his son. “This is a penis Johnny”, he said. “Not only is it a penis, but it is the perfect penis”, he boasted proudly.

Johnny was happy because he finally knew what a penis was and could share the news with Janey.The next day on the bus, Johnny told Janey, “I asked my dad and finally found out what a penis is”.

Janey was equally excited to find out. “Tell me!”, she said.

Johnny smiled and said, “Well Janey, I could tell you, but instead, I’ll show you”. So Johnny pulled down his pants and revealed himself to Janey. “This is a penis, Janey”, he continued, “Not only that, but if it were a little smaller, it would be the perfect penis”.

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