Four men are waiting for their wives in a marital ward.

They’re all very anxious about becoming a father. After waiting some time, the doctor appears and congratulates the first man.”Congratulations, your wife had twins!”

The man was relieved, but was a bit surprised. “What a coincidence,” he told the doctor. “I work for the Minnesota Twins!”

Some time later again, the doctor comes out and congratulates the second man.”Congratulations, your wife had triplets!”

The second man was even more surprised. “That’s funny. I work for the 3M tape company!”

After waiting another long while, the third man received his results. “Congratulations, your wife had quadruplets!”

“Wow! I work for the Four Seasons hotel! That’s interesting.”

After waiting enough time, the fourth man gets up and starts to leave. The doctor stops him before he can make it out the door.”Where are you going?” the doctor asks.”I’m going to rent a van,” the man replies.”Why?”

“Cause I work for 7-Up.”

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