Best Joke Ever

One day a woman, feeling particularly lonely that day, walked into a sex shop.

The cashier asked if she needed help, to which she replied “yes, i would like the best dildo you have…the price is not an issue.”

The cashier asked her to wait a moment and disappeared into the back of the store. When he returned, he was holding a dusty and ancient looking box. When he opens the box, inside is a normal looking dildo.

“What’s so special about this?” the woman asked.

The cashier then explained that this was a MAGIC dildo, all you needed to do was say “Magic Dildo, _______” and fill in the blank with whatever you wanted the dildo to fuck, and it will fuck it by itself.

The woman returns home with her new merchandise eager to try it out. She goes up to her room with the dildo and says “magic dildo, my vagina!”

The next hour is filled with the best sex she has ever had. Afterwards, however, she realizes there is a small problem. How do you get the magic dildo to stop?? The woman panics and gets into her car and speeds over to the sex shop hoping to catch the cashier again before the store closes. Unfortunately, on the way over she is pulled over by a police officer.”what’s the big rush?” The policeman asks.

The woman then continues to tell the police officer the story of her strange day, to which the skeptic replies “Ha! Magic dildo my ass!”

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