A man walks into a bar and makes a bet with a bartender.

“I’ll show you a trick, and if you think the trick is good enough, you give me a drink on the house.”

The bartender, having had a pretty boring day, accepts. The man takes a rat out of his pocket and an equally tiny piano out of his other pocket. He sets the piano on the bar, and the rat jumps up and begins to play “The Entertainer”. The bartender is amazed and happily gives the man a free drink. After finishing, the man makes another bet: “If I show you an even better drink, will you put my entire tab for the night on the house as well?”

The bartender accepts again, thinking that there was no way that the man could produce a better trick. He proceeds to pull a bullfrog out of his pants pocket and sets it down next to the rat. The rat begins to play a different song, and the bullfrog starts to sing along in a crystal clear voice. The bartender is once again amazed, and agrees to pay for the man’s drinks for the rest of the night.

An hour later, the man is enjoying his free drinks when a stranger comes up to the man and offers to buy the bullfrog for $100,000. “Sorry, he’s not for sale,” replies the man. The stranger offers to pay $500,000, and the man reluctantly sells the bullfrog and takes the money.

The stranger leaves with glee, and the bartender is furious.”That frog could’ve been worth millions of dollars to you, maybe even billions, but you sold it off for a mere five hundred thousand dollars!”

The man smiles and takes a sip of his drink.”Don’t worry, the frog doesn’t mean that much to me. You see, the rat’s a ventriloquist.”

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