A guy walks into a bar with a box…

He sits down and starts ordering several drinks. “What’s in the box?” Asks the bartender

“Ugh, just get me another drink…? Grumbles the man.

Bartender says “show me what’s in the box and the next ones on the house.”

The man nods places the box on the bar and takes out a small piano and a man about a foot tall comes out and starts playing the most beautiful music he has ever heard.”where the hell did you get that?” Asks the bartender.

The man replies “There is a genie out side granting wishes but…”Before he can finish the bartender runs out side and sees the genie, and yells “I wish for a million bucks!”

After a puff of smoke there are a million ducks walking around quaking. The bartender runs back inside and yells at the guy “Hey you didn’t tell me the genie was hard of hearing!”

The guy turns around slowly and says with a smirk, “Did you think I really wished for a 12 inch pianist

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